SQL to delete printserver

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SQL to delete printserver

Post by administrator » Sun Feb 02, 2020 6:23 pm

SQL script to remove printserver (DRE) from configuration.
Be carefull using this script, Ewouds.com is not responsible for wrong usage.

-- Equitrac
DECLARE @eqservername nvarchar(100)
SET @eqservername = 'HASRV' -- change the text between the single quotes with the name of the server

-- do NOT modify below this line
DELETE FROM dbo.cas_installedsoftware WHERE systemname = @eqservername
DELETE FROM dbo.cat_site WHERE name = @eqservername
UPDATE dbo.cas_user_ext SET potentialdre = CAST(REPLACE(CAST(potentialdre as nvarchar(max)),@eqservername,'') as NTEXT )

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